Yapı Merkezi Holding

Yapı Merkezi, founded in 1965 and started its service in the construction sector at the beginning. Yapı Merkezi Holding which includes many organizations in different fields has been continuing its activities since 1998. Yapı Merkezi company union serve successful national and international projects within the fields of transportation systems, rail systems, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, industrial and general service buildings, water collection and supply systems, restoration, strengthening and repair works, and mass housing and city planning.


Technological Modernization Installation of Meeting Room and Conference Hall

They have a single- storey building that covers the meeting rooms and conference hall for manage their meetings and the events at Yapı Merkezi headquarter in İstanbul.

Our project partner Sistem 9 Medya A.Ş. which is one of Europe’s three largest digital signage company and the pioneer of the sector in Turkey contacted with 4TheWall for this valuable technological modernization project. Before getting start, necessary information has been received from the company project management and needs determined.

The aim was modernization of meeting room and conference hall with technological infrastructure and adapt the multi-purpose usage. In accordance with this purpose, device selections were made, and the adaptation were planned to create fully automated and multi-purpose conference halls, meeting rooms and event areas. In this way, the right devices and software that will provide a full, long-term and sustainable solution were placed in the project.

4TheWall brand products was preferred on the application, in addition, the necessary support for installation and integration services was provided by 4TheWall.

The 4TheWall brand Wall series 8 input, 12 output videowall control unit and Designer control management software to be used in the multi-purpose conference hall which is the focal point of the project. This hardware and software were taken to the center and the use of the device was planned within the framework of its capabilities. Many hardware and software such as videowall monitors, industrial monitors, PTZ cameras, microphones, speakers, KNX modules, smart board applications, audio and video recorders, automation and digital signage software etc. were used integrally with each other as part of a system whole.

Videowall display, sound and light control are made ready for management from a single point thanks to the 4theWall automation control solution and tablet design.

The main benefit of the technologies offered in the project is that easy and effective management opportunities through one-button scenarios assigned with automation software and programming, as well as central content and device management. Besides, the customer is enabled to use the related areas at full capacity and for different purposes.

At the end of project, we received positive feedback from Yapı Merkezi Holding and we have accomplished another successful project as thanks to the technical competence of the 4TheWall project team and budget balance with our project partner Sistem 9 Medya A.Ş.

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