Videowall Control Management Software Designer V5.1.5 with New Features and New Sources

We would like to introduce our latest update for Designer control software 5 version 1.5. The latest version includes to new features and new source types.

Updated version includes Russian language support as well as Turkish and English language options.

The new source types Google Chrome, Google Maps and YouTube has been added to source list. You can find in the source page or click the shortcut button in the layout page. These sources enable to manage from the videowall screen with its frameless feature.

4TheWall draws attention with its innovative and trending corporate structure and new features of Designer Version 5.1.5 with its continuous research and development.

Audio Mixer

Audio mixer feature has been added to control the volume value of audio outputs connected to videowall. You can list the audio inputs and outputs and change audio level by using the audio mixer feature added in the system information page. Sound source is automatically detected when plugged in. Audio mixer feature can be used over API with 3rd party automation.



You can plan to the source layouts within the specified date and time range with using the new Schedule feature added to the Layout page. It can be arranged in three different ways: Daily/ Weekly and Customized.

4TheWall “Moves to the Future” with its solution-oriented approaches.