Transanatolia 2020 Endro School Rasing Team Sponsor 4TheWall

Transanatolia, one of the best rally raid races in the world, is counting the days for the 2020 international sports organization.

Transanatolia 2020, which invites racers on a journey full of nature, culture and history with the motto #ridewith, is preparing to have an unforgettable experience with this unique organization.

4TheWall is proud to announce one of the sponsors of the Enduro School racing team in the Transanatolia 2020 organization and to support the expectations of senior motorbikers and contributes to the development of amateur.

The event will start from Istanbul, Abant where nature offers privileges to Haymana, who inspires with its healing waters, from Karadağ with its panoramic view to Şile which stands out with its fascinating beaches. It will take place between August 15-22, while celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.