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Simple & Easy Control VideoWall

Designer is a web-based application that work on any smart platform that has access to a web browser (Supports all Windows versions, Linux, Apple, IPhone, IPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet platforms).

User Privilege Features​

  • Three different user types (Admin, Editor and Operator)
  • Unlimited User Definition or Deletion (Admin)
  • Unlimited User Design (Admin and Editor)
  • Layout Control (Admin, Editor and Operator)


  • English and Turkish

Source Features

  • Add/Rename/Delete Sources
  • Automatic addition of videos, pictures and PowerPoint slides that are loaded to the system
  • Add New Streams (Multicast/Unicast, RTP/UDP, HLS, RTSP and many more)
  • Add new HTML5, Application or VNC source
  • Crop Sources
  • Change source color, brightness and contrast settings

System Log

  • Log Users’ access information and command times and names
  • Instant Module Temperature (Displaying alerts at dangerous levels)

Layout Management

  • Create, Rename, Edit, Copy and Delete Layouts.
  • Switch from Layout to Layout
  • Easy Layout Design
  • Create a Layout offline and push it Live
  • Edit Layouts in real time
  • Easy Source Selection
  • Real-time Audio Control in supported Sources
  • Z-Order feature
  • Create Source Playlist (Change Sources in windows in given Intervals = without Layout Change)
  • Control Window Snap Behavior to the lines
  • One Click to resize windows (%25, %50, %75, %100 and Full Screen)
  • Move Windows with Drag and Drop Method
  • Resize a window by resize and dragging a window corner to maintain aspect
  • Export or Import previously designed Layouts
  • Add and control external application without using input space (VLC®, VNC®, Internet Explorer®, PowerPoint® Viewer and Image Viewer etc.)
  • Add HTML5 feeds (Stock Market, Weather and Flash News etc.)
  • Cloning a source to multiple windows
  • See source name on windows
  • Rotate windows
  • Add Scrolling Text

Additional Features 

  • Operating the software locally or remotely
  • Use VideoWall with or without background
  • Access the software with IP address
  • Stop/Start VideoWall with one click within the software
  • System Control Features (Start Wall Mode, Stop Wall Mode, Shutdown System, Restart System)
  • System Information (Time, Active Layout, Background Status, CPU etc.)
  • One License and Unlimited User
  • Unlimited Layout