PTT-General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization

PTT A.Ş., a public company that has been operating in the postal sector since 1840. In Turkey, it serves approximately 40,000 employees and close to 4,500 branches. They contacted with 4TheWall for their meeting room and VIP room professional video and audio system solution to used by the PTT Board of Directors and Senior Managers.

Digital Conference and Video Wall System

Before project, technical infrastructure needs were determined by 4TheWall sales teams, and the design and site plans of the entire project were decided during the construction phase of the building. In line with the professionally prepared plans, video Wall system, meeting table audio and video equipment installation and automation programming were made in order to manage the VIP and meeting room easily and quickly.

The meeting room with an area of 65 square meters; 3×3 Video Wall display system and 4TheWall brand Wall Series Wall12 6 inputs, 12 outputs controller, to be used in the meeting table; 1 digital conference system central control unit, 1 moderator unit, 14 delegate units, 15 microphones, 4 desktop connection panels, 1 LCD lift screen with rotated 180-degree, 14 LCD lift screen, 1 digital matrix mixer, 2 speakers, 1 amplifier, 1 digital HDMI matrix and CPanel automation module were installed. Screens are enable to manage from a single point, multiple sources can be used at the same time and volume control can be provided with tablet automation module.

The VIP room with an area of 69 square meters; 2×2 video Wall display system and 4TheWall brand Wall Series Wall12 8 input, 8 output video Wall controller, 2 speakers, 1 amplifier, 1 digital HDMI matrix, 1 wireless presentation system and the automation system used in the meeting room were setup.

* More than 20 TV channels can be broadcast in both areas with the installations made.

During the installation that took about two weeks, the products were placed in both rooms without any problem, and, the meetings started to be managed from a single point thanks to the established system.

The VIP and meeting room, which was made turn-key by our company, was finalized with the correct and complete determination of the needs, fast and planned solution-oriented project management.

PTT General Directorate Technical Manager Mrs. Ümran Ceylan said; “Nowadays, the need for smart meeting rooms is increasing day by day. Audio and video systems have been designed in accordance with this need and designed to meet our needs exactly. The use of modern, innovative audio-visual technologies in the VIP and meeting room has increased our working efficiency and reduced time loss”

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