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4THEWALL PORTAL is a complete system to encode, manage and deliver audio and video across players, platforms and devices. This customizable, branded solution is as easy to use as YouTube but as private and secure as your organization requires.

PORTAL has a powerful web interface that lets you catalog, search and manage media assets on your streaming server. Features let you easily flag problematic content, get statistics on media usage and organize content by dragging and dropping into sub-categories. The intuitive front end lets you easily find what you’re looking for on the web or any mobile device.


  • Upload existing media files including MPEG, AVI, RealAudio, Windows Media or QuickTime files.
  • Assign associated title, description and metadata information to each uploaded file via a simple upload page.
  • 4THEWALL PORTAL automatically converts all uploaded media into streaming media formats such as H.264, making them ready for viewing in an easy-to-use and searchable web interface on any device including iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, tablet and more.
  • PORTAL uses batch encoding raw media inputs into streaming and downloadable video and audio outputs using simple processes similar to those of many popular user-generated content sites.
  • Profiles for various applications are included, such as mobile, full screen, white board or projector delivery, enabling the discovery, management and playback of media files via a Web 2.0 user experience.
  • Users access digital media using mobile devices, PCs and tablets.

Automatic encoding

Upload audio and video files, including MPEG, AVI, Windows Media, QuickTime, MP3 or WAV for automatic conversion to H.264/AAC. Encode and transcode once for various file formats.

Universal streaming

Deliver content to smart phones, tablets, PCs and other devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and others.

Multi-language support

Present your media experience in multiple languages to serve a multi-lingual, global audience.

Engaging site redesign

Enjoy an enhanced site design and mobile experience including intuitive icons, user avatars and customized branding with your logo and colors.

Improved search

Help users easily find what they’re looking for with an improved search capability.

Embeddable chapter points

Share relevant portions of a longer video by embedding the unique chapter into another system for playback.

Embedded analytics

Embed Google Analytics to better understand media usage such as visitor demographics, behavior and traffic sources.

Content organization

Use categories and sub-categories to organize your media for an easier user experience and drag and drop content for simplified management.


Use closed-captions to help you comply with Section 508 and delivery content to more people.