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SC-SW0808E-444-A HDMI Matrix Switcher with Audio Matrix

The SC-SW0808E-444-A is a Professional 8×8 HDMI 2.0 matrix switcher with audio matrix.

It includes 8 HDMI inputs, 8 HDMI outputs and the last four outputs with down-scaling function, which is designed for switching four HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.3 compliant signals. The matrix has IR, RS232 and TCP/IP control options.

It is the most suitable solution for meeting rooms, monitoring centers, audio and visual system applications.

Rear Projecttion DLP Videowall

4TheWall is pleased to announce that a rear projection device DLP Cubes.

Videowalls are seamless rear protection and stands for its Digital Light Processing technology with LED based light source. DLP Cubes are designed to interlock with other units and create a video wall. You are able to create a video wall by combining one or more units.

Each unit consists of four key components: cube, screen, projection engine and control unit. Besides, the bases are necessary connection components by which the video wall could be firmly fixed on the ground.

SC-PSW0401E-Seamless-MV Switcher

4K 4X1 Seamless Switcher with Multiview

SC-PSW0401E-Seamless-MV is 4TheWall’s seamless video scaler designed to enable a true 4K display. The switcher features four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output which allows you to display four video sources on one display. It also provides a line input, 1 mix input, 1 SPDIF output and 1 analog output for audio processing.

New Control Management Software 4TheWall Designer S

4TheWall are pleased to announce that our new control management software Designer S, available to release.

The new software; designed to operate any standard computer as a video wall control unit without the need for a special graphics card. The fact that the recommended standard computers (such as Mini PC) can be easily mounted behind the screen will provide comfort to users with its easy installation that does not require expertise in small projects.

Transanatolia 2020 Endro School Rasing Team Sponsor 4TheWall

Transanatolia, one of the best rally raid races in the world, is counting the days for the 2020 international sports organization.

Transanatolia 2020, which invites racers on a journey full of nature, culture and history with the motto #ridewith, is preparing to have an unforgettable experience with this unique organization.

4TheWall is proud to announce one of the sponsors of the Enduro School racing team in the Transanatolia 2020 organization and to support the expectations of senior motorbikers and contributes to the development of amateur.

Leading Brand in The European Market 4TheWall, in France

4TheWall, producing PRO AV & Control Software solutions worldwide since 2012, has made a distributorship agreement with the professional audiovisual equipment wholesaler OSF-AV.

OSF has been working with more than 500 customers in seven different countries from France with its expertise since thirty years and they are preparing to take the competition to the next level with 4TheWall to offer even more innovative products to the international market.

Videowall Control Management Software Designer V5.1.5 with New Features and New Sources

We would like to introduce our latest update for Designer control software 5 version 1.5. The latest version includes to new features and new source types.

Updated version includes Russian language support as well as Turkish and English language options.

The new source types Google Chrome, Google Maps and YouTube has been added to source list. You can find in the source page or click the shortcut button in the layout page. These sources enable to manage from the videowall screen with its frameless feature.

The Leading Brand Growing In The Asian Market

4TheWall, the industry’s leader brand of videowall processor and videowall control software solutions pleased to announce that it has taken global market share and brand power to the next level with its expanding product portfolio and technical services with its new exclusive distributor agreement with Transcon Solution company in the region of India.

Transcon Solution is having started their venture in the year 2014, they are one of the most prominent value added distributors based in Kolkata in the Eastern India that working on AV industry and providing consultancy . They have presence of their own partner network across India with the newest addition being their Mumbai office.

Curve F Series Revolutionary Technology in Videowall Control

Curve F series videowall controller become your solution partner with its powerfull features and user friendly interface. Curve F Series with 4K inputs and outputs; responds perfectly to the needs with the model of Curve 8F, Curve 16F, Curve 32F and Curve 64F

It supports 1080p (4K 2×2 loop capable) displays without losing their native resolution. Besides, it has a multiple features that can be controlled from desktop application Designer Curve. Low noise generating control units are designed for small, medium and large meeting rooms and small, medium and large crisis and monitoring centers used for physical resource management.