New Control Management Software 4TheWall Designer S

Yeni Kontrol Yönetim Yazılımı Designer S

4TheWall are pleased to announce that our new control management software Designer S, available to release.

The new software; designed to operate any standard computer as a video wall control unit without the need for a special graphics card. The fact that the recommended standard computers (such as Mini PC) can be easily mounted behind the screen will provide comfort to users with its easy installation that does not require expertise in small projects.

Designer S designed to be use in crisis centers, control command centers, CCTV monitoring centers and operator centers with web pages such as NOC, SOC (Dashboard, Local Sites or External Sites) and where IP-based sources are mostly used.

Software Highlights;

  • Available to work with the desired graphic card (Recommended (validated) graphics card should be used to achieve maximum performance)
  • Borderless Web Page Source
  • Maps Source
  • YouTube Source
  • Pdf Source,
  • User Friendly Web Interface
  • Easy to install and use
  • Web-based automation feature that can open advanced browsers in Android / Windows / IOS operating systems
  • Search / Favorite Features
  • Audio Management

Supported Source Types:

  • 4K Physical video and audio input (HDMI /DVI/SDI or analog)
  • 264 and H.265 decode feature
  • IP stream source
  • Video Source
  • Browser Source
  • YouTube Source
  • Google Maps Source
  • PDF Source
  • Image (JPG, PNG, BMP etc.)

* R&D work continues for other sources not included in the list.

General Features:

  • User Login System
  • Multiple Language Support
  • System Information Page (CPU, RAM, HDD, Network Status)
  • Audio Management
  • Videowall Preview
  • Source Add, Delete and Edit
  • Layout Add, Delete and Edit
  • Labeling System
  • Favorite System for Sources
  • Color and crop feature for physical inputs
  • Easy to use buttons on the layout screen
  • Tablet Control Panel
  • Dynamic automation feature
  • System Management
  • System Log


Designer S will be released as of mid-October 2020. You can contact our sales team to price inquiry and more information about the new product.