Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Video Wall Installation

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is a political party founded in 2001, Turkey. Headquarters located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara and all activities are carried out from the headquarters.

The IT Department of AK Party which is very interested in technological innovations, contacted our company while looking for a video wall display solution. As a result of the meeting between our sales team and customer; request was made to hold a video conference meeting simultaneously with the party branch managers in 81 provinces and to view all participants on the map of Turkey according to their locations on the big screen in the meeting room located at the headquarters of the Ak Party. Our sales and technical experts made a discovery in the central building meeting area and clarified the needs.

The basic need is to hold audio and video conference meetings with managers in eighty one different provinces and to place all managers on the big screen at the same time on the city-level map and to ensure that the meeting room is used with a large screen. Besides, to make all this meeting management convenient to be easily managed on a tablet.

12x 4TheWall brand 55N500B35 video wall displays in 4×3 configuration, 8 input 12 output Wall Series Wall 28 controller, SC-EXT120-FHD extender and other cable requirements were used in the new installation.

According to institution requests, the meeting room has been engaged with the realization of the infrastructure installations, adapted to today’s technology and put into use.

AK Party IT Coordinator, Mr. Bülent Yoğurtçu said, “I would like to state that I am extremely pleased to use the stable products of the brand, which has domestic production. The necessary technical support for the system, which has been operating for 3 years, is provided on-site and the firm’s discipline work increases my confidence in the system and the company. ”

The entire infrastructure of the systems installed is planned to support 4K image resolutions. Our customers can easily make their own layouts and the whole system is delivered open to development with its flexible and easy-to-use software and automation features. The user can watch the desired amount of content at the same time by dividing them in the number and size they want, and they can make a correct and fast decision.

The fact that 4TheWall products are suitable for 24/7 operation, advanced control unit capabilities, advanced API support and flexible software features have been effective in the decision making process of the customer.

Positive feedback was received from the Ak Party meeting room users, and they stated that they were pleased with the technical support and service we provided.

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