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CURVE 16P Video Wall Controller

The VideoWall that fits your needs. Exactly!

As well as supporting fundamental properties of VideoWall technology such as Layout Saving, Loading and Scheduling, Source cropping and Upscaling, adding High Resolution Images, having HDCP compatibility, Cross-Screen Display and Character Imposition our new 4TheWall Curve 16P offers the following features:


With individual modules for output and input you can customize your system as you desire. All modules are plugin, making repairs or service easy. This also allows customization on demand along the way.

Input Signal Preview

All inputs can be previewed in real-time during layout preparation ensuring source status.

Cross Point Switch 

Curve 16P processors employ Cross Point switch technology, offering high speed switching and transmission. Its difference from traditional switching methods are whilst those ones force shared bandwidth for transmission our switching assigns one channel per signal eliminating any chance of delay or instabilitity.

FPGA Architecture

Employing the hardware based FPGA architecture, meaning abandoning an embedded operating system, allows Curve to avoid crashes, collisions, blue screen, and viruses, which are common in software-based architecture.

Resolution Real-Time Total Adaptation (RRTA)

RRTA technology offers customizable resolutions for each screen which allows for multiple -VideoWall control from one processor.

Curve 16P Series videowall controller is a new high- performance video image processing workstation with pure hardware architecture and free of operating, which can display multiple dynamic images on multiple screens and realize the function of multi-window splicing

The processing mechanism of large capacity, high-speed FPGA and CrossPoint switch, ensure real-time processing of all input signals and data consistency

At the same time, it has high stability and fast start up speed ans support 7/24 of uninterrupted and stable operation

Input Modules

HDMI- Up to 1920×1200@32bits/pixel-EDID Available-HDMI Type A Connector

DVI- Up to 1920×1200@32bits/pixel- DVI-I Connector

Output Modules

HDMI- Up to 1920×1200@32bits/pixel-15 M Transmission Distance-4.95-Gbps Connector

DVI- Up to 1920×1200@32bits/pixel- 15 M Transmission Distance-DVI-I Connector

Chassis: 3 U

Up To: 16 Input, 16 Output

Dimensions : 440 mm (w) x 130.5 (h) x 320 (d)