Curve F Series Revolutionary Technology in Videowall Control

Curve F series videowall controller become your solution partner with its powerfull features and user friendly interface. Curve F Series with 4K inputs and outputs; responds perfectly to the needs with the model of Curve 8F, Curve 16F, Curve 32F and Curve 64F

It supports 1080p (4K 2×2 loop capable) displays without losing their native resolution. Besides, it has a multiple features that can be controlled from desktop application Designer Curve. Low noise generating control units are designed for small, medium and large meeting rooms and small, medium and large crisis and monitoring centers used for physical resource management.

Thanks to the capturing feature, Curve F Series with the ability to switch sounds in source images are indispensable for those who are looking for a practical solution. You can research the products on for technical information and the details.