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4TheRecord completely runs on a simple web browser and any iOS or Android supported device. It can record different types of media such as live, IP networks and archived video files. The user interface is easy to edit and integrate into existing working environment. Editor has the functions below:

- Preview
 - Preview (loop)
- Go to in / out /fit
- New Note
- Properties
- Export
- Delete
- Search
- Mark in/out and Add Clip

 Different File Formats and Streams
 All commonly used file formats are supported by 4TheRecord. It also supports recording in native input-format as well as the creating of multiple other file formats from the recording, such as creating an HD Video in a special required format, as well as creating low-res proxy files for the MAM.
Video Segmentation and Frame Accurate File Splitting
With its shared memory structure, the automatic splitting of video files into multiple chunks do not lose any video frames. Using the segmentation feature it is possible to automatically detect scene changes (hardcuts, dissolve, transitions, global motion, lightning, etc.) and create an EDL and appropriate thumbnails.
Graphics & Text Overlay
4TheRecord supports the overlay of text or graphics. This could be either a picture, logo, text like date/time or time-code. The insertion can be applied to the recorded streams as well as into the preview.
Status Indicators
Avioon ingest has several indicators that control record, streaming, Disc and CPU usage, network status, etc. The display and setup of these indicators can be changed according to the given requirement.
Scheduled Ingest
The scheduler allows easy set up of recording and streaming beforehand and you can even set the target file folders/names etc. individually. The streaming formats can be changed in the planning as well.